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Official status page for DayBack Calendar. Follow for updates, new features, and infrastructure status.

New Draft Settings Mode and More

This update includes a new feature called “Draft Settings Mode“. When enabled, this feature will isolate all settings changes to your current session. These changes can later be saved as a snapshot or published for everyone in your group. This update also simplifies settings migration. Settings migration is now enabled for every DayBack group and settings can only be pulled into the group you’re currently signed into. The ability for non admin users to set a default resource for calendars has been added. This update also fixes an issue that could cause html in an event to make the event grow too large and affect the view. The app action helper for mutation observers has also been improved to allow for watching on an element that hasn’t yet been added to the DOM.

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Bug Fix for Salesforce Mobile

Today’s update fixes an issue that prevented the “After Calendar Rendered” app action from running when cookies were not available. This generally means Salesforce 1 mobile on iOS. We do not use cookies for our app action, but another internal error related to that check was causing the code execution to stop before it ran the app action. This was due to some very old code that we had from when we needed to detect cookies in FileMaker on windows and warn if they weren’t available. This code has not been necessary for some time.

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Example Code for Adding Buttons to Your Events

Michael has published a new extension showing how to add buttons to DayBack’s popover next to the Save & Close buttons. The example will add up to three buttons, and includes a few common Salesforce icons for related contact, account, etc. You can also use your own icons or any of the FontAwesome icons DayBack supports. Add Buttons: Extension Library:

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Misc Bug Fixes and a New Helper Function

This update fixes an issue where public shares could show resources that weren’t enabled when the share was created and resources could appear outside their proper folder. It also fixes an issue where a modal dialog could appear below an unscheduled event popover. We’ve also improved the behavior in horizon view when breaking out by a date field so the breakout sections are now sorted by the breakout date. For developers, this update also adds a new helper function for custom actions allowing the use of mutation observers to detect when dom changes occur.

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New Sorting Options

We’ve added a new sorting function you can use inside Event Actions to override the calendar’s default sort. This is in addition to the existing sort method that lets you add new tie-breaker criteria to the sort. This new sort is probably most useful on horizon view or on pivot-list view when it’s set to week scale; we added this for a customer who wanted to sort their projects by due date (instead of start date) on horizon view. Details are here: Sorting Events.

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Snapshots, Migration, and Improved HTML Rendering in Events

Today’s update fixes an issue that could cause non-Salesforce events to render improperly if they contain malformed HTML. It also fixes an issue with the After Events Rendered app action if Google was a calendar source, but no Google calendars were selected where the app action would not properly trigger. An issue where non-Salesforce admins who were set as DayBack admins could not create snapshots was resolved, as well as an issue where some Salesforce Orgs could not use the migrate settings feature. It also resolves an issue when editing an event with a custom action and supplying a blank value for a field could result in that field data not being applied.

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Go To Sources Fixed

Today’s update fixes the “Go to sources” button in DayBack for FileMaker so it properly takes you to the correct FileMaker source config.

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New Longer Time Scale for Pivot List

The pivot-list view in DayBack can now be viewed at week scales–where the swim lanes are your resources, and each column is a week. Previously, each column could only be a day, and the view was capped at 30 days. Now, you can use this view at scales from one day up to 23 weeks. Details here: Resource Planning at Longer Timescales

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Scrolling Fix for Unscheduled Items

Today’s update also fixes an issue where an unscheduled event popover would remain on the screen when scrolling if an on-click app action was set to prevent default. Learn more about unscheduled items in DayBack.

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More Improved Resource Filtering

Today’s update allows using GetAsURLEncoded on the value of URL parameters in FileMaker so you can use special characters in resource and status filters. We’ve updated the docs here to add a section explaining how to handle special characters in FileMaker.

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