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Official status page for DayBack Calendar. Follow for updates, new features, and infrastructure status.

Improved Static Settings for Self Scheduling

Today’s update is an under-the-hood enhancement to the way Online Booking deployments access calendar configurations across our load balancers. This speeds up these sites while isolating them from Firebase disruptions.

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Faster Response to Switching Calendars and Dates

Today’s update improves the calendar’s responsiveness when fetching events and disabling calendars or navigating dates. (This update also adds the ability to assign the “Before Events Fetched” action to read-only calendars.) The responsiveness improvement allows you to turn off a calendar while it’s fetching events. This will immediately kill the fetch process, and the UI will respond right away. The one exception is in FileMaker: if a script is actively running, the web viewer cannot receive input. So, if events are being fetched, that process will most likely need to finish before the UI can respond to input.

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Faster Deletes in FileMaker

Today’s update adds the ability to delete events from a FileMaker script without having to open the event detail layout from DayBack first. Learn more:

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Getting Ahead of Google Auth Changes

This internal update improves error trapping to prepare for an upcoming Google change in OAuth that will mandate “granular” authentication when signing into Google. Today’s update also moves the notifications file that DayBack uses to display news items from our site to a Github repo; this should load a bit faster, though it loads after the calendar, so most folks likely won’t notice it.

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Improved Resource Filtering

When you clear a resource filter in DayBack, the calendar will no longer clear your selected resources as well. In some cases, this used to put the calendar into an unfiltered state, asking it to show events from all the possible resources. In large deployments, this could cause things to slow down; now the calendar will preserve your selected resources until you de-select them or filter them out.

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Preventing Duplicate Events

Today’s release also fixes a bug that could cause events to render more than once (or render when they shouldn’t) when toggling a calendar on and off quickly before the initial process of fetching the events has been completed. 

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Reducing Redraw

Today’s update resolves an issue where the calendar could render more than once when switching views and a “no events found” message could appear in error.

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Lighter Notifications

Today’s update improves the way DayBack fetches new-feature notifications so it happens less often and now prevents notification fetches from happening more than they should. These notifications are the new feature announcements you’ll find when clicking on the three-dots or envelope icon in the upper-right of DayBack. (The envelope appears when you have new, unseen notifications.)

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Larger Calendars in Salesforce Connect

Just deployed an update that repairs an issue in Salesforce Connect where views with more than 1k events could have some events that fail to display. DayBack’s Salesforce Connect lets organizations deploy live access to their Salesforec schedules to folks who don’t have a Salesforce license. DayBack offers a few different ways to grant this kind of access. Learn more here: Calendar Sharing in Salesforce.

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