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New Longer Time Scale for Pivot List

The pivot-list view in DayBack can now be viewed at week scales–where the swim lanes are your resources, and each column is a week. Previously, each column could only be a day, and the view was capped at 30 days. Now, you can use this view at scales from one day up to 23 weeks.

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Scrolling Fix for Unscheduled Items

Today’s update also fixes an issue where an unscheduled event popover would remain on the screen when scrolling if an on-click app action was set to prevent default. Learn more about unscheduled items in DayBack.

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More Improved Resource Filtering

Today’s update allows using GetAsURLEncoded on the value of URL parameters in FileMaker so you can use special characters in resource and status filters. We’ve updated the docs here to add a section explaining how to handle special characters in FileMaker.

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Improved Resource Filtering

When you clear a resource filter in DayBack, the calendar will no longer clear your selected resources as well. In some cases, this used to put the calendar into an unfiltered state, asking it to show events from all the possible resources. In large deployments, this could cause things to slow down; now the calendar will preserve your selected resources until you de-select them or filter them out.

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Save Configuration Snapshots

Today’s update also adds the ability to create configuration snapshots in Administrator Settings -> Tools. Configuration snapshots create a restore point for DayBack’s settings, allowing you to revert your calendar settings to a moment in time. Learn more here: Configuration Snapshots.

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Preventing Duplicate Events

Today’s release also fixes a bug that could cause events to render more than once (or render when they shouldn’t) when toggling a calendar on and off quickly before the initial process of fetching the events has been completed. 

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Reducing Redraw

Today’s update resolves an issue where the calendar could render more than once when switching views and a “no events found” message could appear in error.

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New Admin Tools – Migration Assistant

This update adds a new settings migration tool for enterprise customers, allowing them to migrate their calendar settings between Salesforce sandboxes where DayBack is installed. Enabling this tool requires SeedCode approval, so please get in touch if this would be helpful for your deployment.

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Improved Invitations

Today’s update fixes a bug that wouldn’t allow users with existing Salesforce accounts to be added to a DayBack group outside of Salesforce.

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