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Official status page for DayBack Calendar. Follow for updates, new features, and infrastructure status.

Location Field Now Supports URLs & Google Bug Fixes

This update adds URL support in the location field including the ability to click the icon to navigate to that URL. It also adds the ability to click the map marker icon to go directly to the map for addresses in the location field. This update also resolves an issue when unchecking the repeating event option for Google events wouldn’t update the view, and could create a duplicate event.

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New Admin Setting To Specify Locale

This update adds a new admin setting called “Locale” under the “Misc” category. This setting allows an admin to specify which locale their users are in and will affect date formats. The default is “auto” which will automatically use the locale that is currently set in the system or the browser.

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Bug Fixes For Analytics & More

This update fixes an issue that could prevent scrolling analytics breakout items in some cases. It also fixes an issue with the dbk.createEvent helper function that prevented it from working with unscheduled events. It also fixes an issue that could prevent clearing text filters on the first click if the text filter content was showing a scroll bar.

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Migrate Settings Into Draft Mode & Bug Fixes

This update adds the ability to perform a settings migration into draft settings mode. This allows importing settings from another org without affecting any other users, giving time to make adjustments or test configurations before publishing those changes for everyone else in the org. It also resolves a bug that affected editing repeating events in google when choosing all future repetitions. It also fixes a bug where Basecamp statuses were not being rendered correctly. Finally it improves the reliability of modal dialogs in Admin Tools.

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Re-Order Custom Fields

We’ve added an update to our Customs Fields documentation with a CSS snippet that will easily re-order the sequence of all Custom Fields. Rather than doing pixel position like we’ve done before, this CSS changes the container to a flex container, and allows you to set an ‘order’ number of every single field, thus allowing you to re-sort the entire utility panel using only CSS. Enjoy!

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Launch Salesforce Flows from DayBack

Gabi published a new article called “Launch Salesforce Flows from DayBack” which includes code snippets showing how to launch flows and screen flows from DayBack using custom buttons.

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Customize the Calendar’s Appearance for Each Salesforce Profile

We’ve added an example to our User-Specific CSS blog post, showing how to get the user’s Salesforce Profile ID and create a custom CSS class for that profile. In the example, you’d offer a different DayBack interface to your Experience Cloud users with their own look and feel, their own views, etc.

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Misc Improvements (including to snapshots)

Today’s update fixes an issue that was preventing modal dialogs from appearing when working with snapshots and settings migrations in the Safari browser. It also fixes an issue where copying Org IDs was not allowed in Salesforce when using the Chrome browser. Copying IDs in Salesforce has now been changed to a text selection behavior.

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New Ways to Add Buttons to Your DayBack

We’ve created a new article that consolidates the options to adding custom buttons to your calendar and provides links to our extensions library for the most commonly-used app actions that modify the user interface.

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Fix For Scrolling In Analytics

This update fixes an issue preventing scrolling breakout items in analytics. It also adds a convenient click to copy method for subscription numbers in users and billing  and group / org id’s in migrate settings. Finally, it also improves the styling of help icons in the popover so they no longer appear cut off at the bottom.

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