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More Improved Resource Filtering

Today’s update allows using GetAsURLEncoded on the value of URL parameters in FileMaker so you can use special characters in resource and status filters. We’ve updated the docs here to add a section explaining how to handle special characters in FileMaker.

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New Error Trapping Methods for Custom Actions

KC just added passthroughEditErrors and suppressEditEventMessages to this section of the docs, and to the notes on DayBack’s updateEvent function. Sometimes when you’re bulk-editing events, you’ll want the suppressEditEventMessages enabled to prevent the user from seeing a bunch of confirmation-toasts.

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More Info on Linking Contacts & Projects

We’ve added a new section to the troubleshooting docs and a callout to the docs on linking Contacts & Projects. If multiple tables are related to the same event field, DayBack will show fields from the first table returned from FileMaker.

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