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DayBack Status

Official status page for DayBack Calendar. Follow for updates, new features, and infrastructure status.

Better Picklists in Shared Views

This update improves the behavior of viewing custom field select lists in shares if the list options are dynamically populated. Previously, list contents might not appear if lists relied on code unavailable to a public share.

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Improved Mini-Calendars and Unscheduled Hover

This update fixes an issue that could cause the calendar to become unresponsive in FileMaker when opening the quick date picker while the sidebar is showing the mini calendars tab. It also resolves an issue that could trigger a calendar resize when hovering over unscheduled items where the styling is changed with an action. This would not have been noticeable in most circumstances, but with a lot of events, it could have caused issues.

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New Keyboard Shortcuts

DayBack’s latest extension adds a range of new keyboard shortcuts to navigate the calendar with arrows, toggle sidebar, quick refresh, and more. Find them here:

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DayBack BETA: Improvements to Custom Actions

We are excited to announce a planned update currently in beta that includes some major improvements to how app actions and event actions work. Previously, if any action was set to “Prevent Default,” all code for each trigger type had to be grouped together. So, if you had one “Before Event Save” action with “Prevent Default” set to yes and wanted to add a second one, you’d have to merge the JS for those into a single action. This was sometimes a lot of work and resulted in more complicated actions.

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Quickly Jump to the Next/Prev Year

This update improves the quick date picker that opens when clicking on the calendar date. It now allows for quickly navigating to a different year: customers had asked about this when comparing date ranges in analytics.

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Preview New DayBack Releases in Beta Mode

Today’s update adds a new feature in admin tools called “Beta Mode.” Switching to beta mode allows an admin to run DayBack using the current pre-release codebase. Beta Mode is only enabled on the device where it was turned on and is only enabled for the user(s) who activated it. This is helpful to preview new features before they are released and to test the compatibility of customizations with upcoming core codebase changes. Please learn more about Beta Mode here:

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