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New Admin Tools – Migration Assistant

This update adds a new settings migration tool for enterprise customers, allowing them to migrate their calendar settings between Salesforce sandboxes where DayBack is installed. Enabling this tool requires SeedCode approval, so please get in touch if this would be helpful for your deployment.

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Improved Invitations

Today’s update fixes a bug that wouldn’t allow users with existing Salesforce accounts to be added to a DayBack group outside of Salesforce.

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Undo Edits with a Keyboard Shortcut (Shift + z).

Now you have more time to undo event edits in DayBack! When you edit an event in DayBack, you’re presented with a small toast at the bottom of the screen confirming the edit and offering an “undo” button. With today’s release, you can undo your last edit using a keyboard shortcut (shift + z). This continues to be available after the original button disappears, giving you more time to consider reversing your changes.

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Shared Events Now Updated After Field Mapping Changes

Today’s update fixed a bug where events on shared views could contain stale data when field mapping was changed after an event was shared. This could present as an event not being visible on shared views created after an event was initially shared. A user would create a shared view, then change field mapping, then create another shared view, and the event would not be visible on that second view. Fortunately, this has now been fixed.

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Embed DayBack in Salesforce Flows

Let DayBack suggest appointment slots based on criteria entered into your flow or found in your lead (or opportunity) record. DayBack can be deployed as an Aura component for even more flexibility. Learn more.

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User-Specific CSS

We’ve published some example code you can use to change the look and feel of DayBack for specific users. For example, this is great for removing buttons or views from certain users or user roles. More here:

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Lighter Notifications

Today’s update improves the way DayBack fetches new-feature notifications so it happens less often and now prevents notification fetches from happening more than they should. These notifications are the new feature announcements you’ll find when clicking on the three-dots or envelope icon in the upper-right of DayBack. (The envelope appears when you have new, unseen notifications.)

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