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Official status page for DayBack Calendar. Follow for updates, new features, and infrastructure status.

Search and Filter Bookmarks

If you have a lot of bookmarks in your calendar, this custom action will be a big help. This app action makes it easy to find the bookmark you are looking for using a text search filter. This action also adds a Shift+B keyboard shortcut to quickly access the bookmark list. Add this to your DayBack here:

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Sort Unscheduled Events using Drag and Drop

Michael uploaded a new extension allowing you to reorder items in the unscheduled list using drag and drop. It’s easy to add to your DayBack, requiring just one new field in your record to store the new sort value.

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New Ways to Add Buttons to Your DayBack

We’ve created a new article that consolidates the options to adding custom buttons to your calendar and provides links to our extensions library for the most commonly-used app actions that modify the user interface.

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New Draft Settings Mode and More

This update includes a new feature called “Draft Settings Mode“. When enabled, this feature will isolate all settings changes to your current session. These changes can later be saved as a snapshot or published for everyone in your group. This update also simplifies settings migration. Settings migration is now enabled for every DayBack group and settings can only be pulled into the group you’re currently signed into. The ability for non admin users to set a default resource for calendars has been added. This update also fixes an issue that could cause html in an event to make the event grow too large and affect the view. The app action helper for mutation observers has also been improved to allow for watching on an element that hasn’t yet been added to the DOM.

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Misc Bug Fixes and a New Helper Function

This update fixes an issue where public shares could show resources that weren’t enabled when the share was created and resources could appear outside their proper folder. It also fixes an issue where a modal dialog could appear below an unscheduled event popover. We’ve also improved the behavior in horizon view when breaking out by a date field so the breakout sections are now sorted by the breakout date. For developers, this update also adds a new helper function for custom actions allowing the use of mutation observers to detect when dom changes occur.

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User-Specific CSS

We’ve published some example code you can use to change the look and feel of DayBack for specific users. For example, this is great for removing buttons or views from certain users or user roles. More here:

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New Methods for Custom Charting

Added a new object called “analytics” to the seedcodeCalendar method when a user is viewing analytics. This is mostly an under-the-hood update for developers who want to extend the charting in DayBack.

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