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Scrolling Fix for Unscheduled Items

Today’s update also fixes an issue where an unscheduled event popover would remain on the screen when scrolling if an on-click app action was set to prevent default. Learn more about unscheduled items in DayBack.

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Preventing Duplicate Events

Today’s release also fixes a bug that could cause events to render more than once (or render when they shouldn’t) when toggling a calendar on and off quickly before the initial process of fetching the events has been completed. 

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Reducing Redraw

Today’s update resolves an issue where the calendar could render more than once when switching views and a “no events found” message could appear in error.

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Improved Invitations

Today’s update fixes a bug that wouldn’t allow users with existing Salesforce accounts to be added to a DayBack group outside of Salesforce.

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Shared Events Now Updated After Field Mapping Changes

Today’s update fixed a bug where events on shared views could contain stale data when field mapping was changed after an event was shared. This could present as an event not being visible on shared views created after an event was initially shared. A user would create a shared view, then change field mapping, then create another shared view, and the event would not be visible on that second view. Fortunately, this has now been fixed.

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Lighter Notifications

Today’s update improves the way DayBack fetches new-feature notifications so it happens less often and now prevents notification fetches from happening more than they should. These notifications are the new feature announcements you’ll find when clicking on the three-dots or envelope icon in the upper-right of DayBack. (The envelope appears when you have new, unseen notifications.)

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Smoother Loading

Today’s update improves the initial load process when a mix of different sources are enabled so a “no events” dialog is no longer temporarily shown.

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