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Official status page for DayBack Calendar. Follow for updates, new features, and infrastructure status.

Embed DayBack in Salesforce Flows

Let DayBack suggest appointment slots based on criteria entered into your flow or found in your lead (or opportunity) record. DayBack can be deployed as an Aura component for even more flexibility. Learn more.

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User-Specific CSS

We’ve published some example code you can use to change the look and feel of DayBack for specific users. For example, this is great for removing buttons or views from certain users or user roles. More here:

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Lighter Notifications

Today’s update improves the way DayBack fetches new-feature notifications so it happens less often and now prevents notification fetches from happening more than they should. These notifications are the new feature announcements you’ll find when clicking on the three-dots or envelope icon in the upper-right of DayBack. (The envelope appears when you have new, unseen notifications.)

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Users Can Now Belong to Multiple DayBack Groups

Today’s update allows the same user (email address) to be invited to more than one DayBack group in DayBack online. This is not an option for Salesforce groups, where membership is controlled by Salesforce permissions. And it’s not available if you’re signing into DayBack inside a FileMaker file: since settings from different groups are scoped to their own FileMaker files. Learn more here: Group Names

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New Error Trapping Methods for Custom Actions

KC just added passthroughEditErrors and suppressEditEventMessages to this section of the docs, and to the notes on DayBack’s updateEvent function. Sometimes when you’re bulk-editing events, you’ll want the suppressEditEventMessages enabled to prevent the user from seeing a bunch of confirmation-toasts.

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Smoother Loading

Today’s update improves the initial load process when a mix of different sources are enabled so a “no events” dialog is no longer temporarily shown.

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New Methods for Custom Charting

Added a new object called “analytics” to the seedcodeCalendar method when a user is viewing analytics. This is mostly an under-the-hood update for developers who want to extend the charting in DayBack.

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MS365 Improvements

Today’s small update traps for a bug from the Microsoft 365 API where it was sending a malformed response when attempting to retrieve the list of users. This only affected personal Microsoft 365 accounts and not ones that are part of a Business / Organization.

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Larger Calendars in Salesforce Connect

Just deployed an update that repairs an issue in Salesforce Connect where views with more than 1k events could have some events that fail to display. DayBack’s Salesforce Connect lets organizations deploy live access to their Salesforec schedules to folks who don’t have a Salesforce license. DayBack offers a few different ways to grant this kind of access. Learn more here: Calendar Sharing in Salesforce.

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More Info on Linking Contacts & Projects

We’ve added a new section to the troubleshooting docs and a callout to the docs on linking Contacts & Projects. If multiple tables are related to the same event field, DayBack will show fields from the first table returned from FileMaker.

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