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Official status page for DayBack Calendar. Follow for updates, new features, and infrastructure status.

Search and Filter Bookmarks

If you have a lot of bookmarks in your calendar, this custom action will be a big help. This app action makes it easy to find the bookmark you are looking for using a text search filter. This action also adds a Shift+B keyboard shortcut to quickly access the bookmark list. Add this to your DayBack here:

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Getting Ahead of Google Auth Changes

This internal update improves error trapping to prepare for an upcoming Google change in OAuth that will mandate “granular” authentication when signing into Google. Today’s update also moves the notifications file that DayBack uses to display news items from our site to a Github repo; this should load a bit faster, though it loads after the calendar, so most folks likely won’t notice it.

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Sort Unscheduled Events using Drag and Drop

Michael uploaded a new extension allowing you to reorder items in the unscheduled list using drag and drop. It’s easy to add to your DayBack, requiring just one new field in your record to store the new sort value.

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Improvements to Resource Selection and Event Location URLs

This update improves the selection and assignment of resources when editing events. When editing an event and assigning a resource, searching the resource list in the popover drawer will now search across ALL resources instead of having your search confined to the resources filtered in DayBack’s left-hand sidebar. DayBack also now understands that you may include URLs in the event’s location field and improves URL detection so it now detects URLs on paste and not just while typing.

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Small Fixes to Manage Bookmarks

Today’s update fixes a bug that was preventing the contextual menu (3 dots menu) from appearing in manage bookmarks. It also hardens against a scenario where a bookmark name that is really long with no spaces could push past the boundaries of the bookmark modal.

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Removing Mixpanel and Easier Styling of Unscheduled Events

This is mostly an under-the-hood update that removes tracking in Mixpanel and adds configuration errors and slow query warning tracking in DayBack itself. This update also adds the “className” property to the unscheduled event list, making those easier to style and address in Before Event Rendered Actions.

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Pie Charts for Calendar Analytics

Gabi has published her first extension for DayBack and it’s sweet: you can now visualize your calendar analytics as a pie chart. This is ideal for comparing the relative weight of different resources, statuses, or anything you’re using to breakout your calendar. Check it out here:

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Re-Order Custom Fields

We’ve added an update to our Customs Fields documentation with a CSS snippet that will easily re-order the sequence of all Custom Fields. Rather than doing pixel position like we’ve done before, this CSS changes the container to a flex container, and allows you to set an ‘order’ number of every single field, thus allowing you to re-sort the entire utility panel using only CSS. Enjoy!

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